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The last wolves

Legend says that

Formerly, the last wolves of the Var had taken refuge in the hidden valley of Coulombaud, driven by an invading civilization far from noise and pollution. Mr. Coulomb, the first owner of the estate in 1640, gave the place his name and chose to adorn the coat of arms of his family of two wolves.

Nestled in the middle of a dense forest of oaks that offers a natural protective barrier, it is still easy to imagine today that Coulombaud could have offered them a last place of quietness. According to neighboring shepherds, wolves have been seen recently and would be back in this part of the region.

Renaissance at Coulombaud

The grapevine has been planted in the Coulombaud valley for centuries. But in the 1940s, the vineyard was abandoned by man and claimed by nature. At the beginning of the new century, the new owners began the long process of returning this Land of Provence to its function of always, the production of wine and olive oil among trees and garrigues with the Mistral wind as an eternal ally.
Then it was a matter of rebuilding the old bastide dating from 1640, to rehabilitate the terraces, the paths, the wells before integrating elegantly into this authentic decoration a more modern cellar.
The development of the vineyard, the olive grove and the gardens is now launched and continues. The estate has for these reasons always been free of pesticides or other chemical treatments because they simply did not exist. The owners have been able to integrate in this beautiful setting with the utmost discretion. The entire production is certified organic and receives the ECOCERT label.